Celebrate your Recovery

I love getting feedback from friends who have read my book or heard my presentations. When the writer of this blog shared how God used my visit to her church to sow seeds of interest in the Celebrate Recovery program, I was so excited I wanted to share her story with my own readers. If you are ready for some life change, this may be the avenue God wants to use to guide you on a different path. Enjoy!

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Are you unhappy with how your life is going? Do you happen to have a hurt, habit, or hang up you can’t figure out how to deal with? I suggest finding a local Celebrate Recovery meeting near you. I have from time to time had either a hurt, habit, or hang up that I just felt like no one else could relate with me…like I was all alone. What I see now is that was all in my head. When a friend invited me to come one night…I had already heard another speaker come to my church and talk about how Celebrate Recovery helped her out. You can check out her blog here… Same Dress Different Day. It was like God was giving me a nudge both times towards His recommendation on how to get my life going in the right direction.


So I went to a meeting. I…

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2 thoughts on “Celebrate your Recovery

  1. I just finished reading Same Dress, Different Day. What an emotionally-packed experience! Juliet, your incredible candor is amazing. I know that this book will help many, many people as they gain the courage to cut the ties with those who are wounding them while remaining compassionate towards those who struggle with addiction. Juliet, you serve as a role-model — a living example of one who understands the importance of healthy boundaries and emotional wholeness. I found Same Dress, Different Day to be a life-impacting experience. My understanding of those around me has deepened. Thank you for daring to trust your readers with the painful, powerful, uplifting story of your life. Your courage is enough to change the world.


    • Thank you, Dr. Doran, for your beautiful affirmation of this work…and of the work God is doing in my life. He’s not finished yet, but by His grace, each of us can all be “more than conquerors.”


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