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As I Walked: One Man’s Quest for Sexual and Spiritual Identity

God does not simply want to change our behavior, He longs to heal our wounded hearts. Mr. P’s true identity emerged as he walked out his quest for who he really was, and sought to be the man he was created to be.


As I Walked

One Man’s Quest for Sexual and Spiritual Identity (Tax included in price)


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Same Dress, Different Day: A Spiritual Memoir of Addiction and Redemption

Addiction (our own, or someone else’s) does not need to become our identity. I once lost myself trying to rescue, enable and control another person who struggled with chemical dependency. My story chronicles the way God redeemed the dreams I thought were lost as I learned to face my own issues and apply the 12 Step principles to my own life rather than live life on the roller coaster of another person’s addiction.

I hope you find my memoir inspiring, insightful and a tool to help you on your own journey to abundant life!


Same Dress, Different Day

A Spiritual Memoir of Addiction and Redemption (Tax included in price)


Book royalties support the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Relevant Life Solutions. Funds go to help families affected by addiction and to support our ministry of bringing the recovery culture of transparency, vulnerability and authenticity to churches and communities.

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  2. Hi Juliet,

    I met you at She Speaks 2019. I enjoyed connecting with you. I recently purchased your book and am reading it now. I, too, am walking the journey of recovery from codependency. I can relate to your story and that of your first husband.

    Interesting how wounded people are drawn to one another. I can relate to a lot of your relationships in those early dating years.

    I enjoyed our conversation about psychotropic drug use in young people. It is definitely true, that psych meds often cover up the same wounded, immature souls as drug addiction. But sometimes, if one’s distress is so bad, the benefits outweigh the risks. Your students are blessed to have you.


  3. My goodness me Juliet!
    I just want to say thank God for your life. Thank you for not giving up and ending it at any point. God preserves us for reasons we have no clue about, but I thank him for his wisdom and foresight into the future. I also thank him along side you for Jon. It is true, people are in our lives for a reason, there is so much to learn from another. In his mercy God allows us to learn from our choices, be them in line with his will or not.
    I have just finished reading your book. God guided me to it during this lock down period because he knew I would have the time and the lessons and principles from your story are just so relevent to my life right now.
    I’ve seen your book on my aunts shelf for a while, it is my mum book gifted to her by a friend. Look at that, Jesus is lovely, even the journey of the book to get to me. It always makes me smile how Gods love letters are packaged and preserved for us at the exact right moment of our need. Think of the bible.
    There is soooo much I could say, but I do not want to take up your time. If travelling ever resumes freely, I hope to catch you at a presentation in the UK sometime. I’ll come and say hi for sure. I don’t even do hi 5’s but it’s an American thing and if that would communicate my thanks, that is what I’ll do.
    I have been and will continue to pray for you and your family. God has recently revealed to me the gems in the book of Ruth and the purpose of marriage and family. I really want to make the right choices in every aspect and especially this because I believe in the humongous power of it’s impact.
    Ok, in closing. Just a huge thank you for being obedient to Gods calling on your life in particular writing the book. I am hoping you are still searching for Gods voice early and listening to him on a daily basis.
    Since you have given so much to me in your book I just want to share this acronym that God gave to me to pray with. Try it out it totally works.
    S- Surrender yourself to him as a daily living sacrifice. (Your will, thoughts, hopes. Rom 12:1)
    W- Wait patiently on him to hear his voice and leading. (silence, his word, place yourself in an open
    position. psalm 27:14)
    E – Exalt the name of God because he is worthy to be praised. (Philipp 2:9)
    E- Expect to hear and see him move in your life (pray according to his unfailing word, use his
    promises Deut 28:1-68)
    T- Testify of his goodness with thanks giving for what he has done for you.(Rev 12:11)
    May God continue to bless you.
    Thank you so much.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I love the way God placed my book in your hands. I DO hope to one day do a tour in the UK. In the meantime, please keep in touch. I appreciate your prayers for me and my family.

  4. Hi Juliet,
    Do you have a schedule of your speaking engagements? If so, where do i find one? I would love to attend one of your workshops on Road to Recovery.

  5. Hello Juliet,
    I met you at the Adventist Recovery Ministries weekend recovery leadership program and you graciously gave me a copy of your book. I wanted to let you know that I have finished reading it and absolutely loved the way you share your story. You are a truly gifted writer. What I enjoyed most was reading about the beautiful relationship you have with our Lord and Savior. Your biography is different from most in the way that you give God all the glory and recognize how He has blessed your life even through the toughest of times. I long to have that kind of close personal relationship with our Lord. Your book is such an inspiration!
    Thank you for your openness and all that you do to help others in recovery!
    Ronda C.

    • Thank you, Ronda. It was a pleasure to meet you and I’m thrilled that you recognized my desire to give God ALL the glory for this work. It’s a story, not about me, but about Him. I’m so glad you found that truth on the pages of my memoir. He is certainly The Faithful One and the Hero of my story.

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