lonely leafSilence isolates. Silence is never golden when deceit is involved. When we are silent to protect sin, we are an accomplice. Even when we are the victim. The following excerpt is from a chapter I was working on yesterday. Prayers for me are welcome as I bring painful things from my past to consciousness…

“It is a tricky thing to bring hidden sin to light. It is painfully difficult to speak the truth in love. It goes against the softness of our feminine nature to stand our ground when everything within us wants to protect (a.k.a. enable) the sinner, wants to bail them out, wants to help them, wants to believe their promises and even their lies. Sometimes we can see with our own eyes something that they can convince us did not really happen. And then we question our vision!”

Again, thank you Ami Novak, for inspiring me with your images. Silence keeps us in isolation. Like the leaf in your photograph. (You can enjoy more of Ami’s inspiring work here:

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